The Petit Poème

As big as a whale

I opened my eyes
and I went out
through the window

I watched
above the houses
above the roofs
and the chimneys
and I contemplated the marine
of the night sky

I read between the stars
who never stop reminding us
through their shimmering beauty
that it is urgent
to dream

Pierre Filliez, Berlin 24. 10. 2020

The Circus

Carried by a dream
I leave for eternity
an ephemeral trace
a shooting star in darkness
happy and intense
making my heart beat

without a safety net
I inspire those who see me
dancing, juggling, swinging
who see me
falling down and getting up again
crying, laughing, sparkling 
who see me

Pierre Filliez, Berlin, the 05. 03. 2021

Text and image © Pierre Filliez, 2020

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