Petit Puzzle

Welcome to the Petit Puzzle web page!

Here, you will find hand-made, wooden puzzles.

Whether it’s a gift, a souvenir, or a decorative art piece,
for you or someone you care about,
I hope these hand-made games bring a ray of sunshine and fun.

Each puzzle is individually painted/or linocut-printed and cut by me.

I can reproduce each puzzle motif
Create your own personalized puzzle

Please contact me via e-mail to order a reproduction, or send an image of what your personalized puzzle should look like.


Puzzle presented in the galleries below « Linocut or Painted »: €36
Personalized puzzle created from an image sent by you
(examples in the gallery below): €65
(+ shipping costs from Germany)

The Petites Galeries


Black or sepia, printed on wood, with an accompanying poem inside the frame.
Each puzzle has 7 pieces.
15 cm x 19 cm, 1,2 cm thick.


Hand painted on wood.
Each puzzle has 6 to 7 pieces and is the size of a postcard:
11 cm x 16 cm, 1.2cm thick.


Your personalized puzzle created upon request.
Hand painted or Linocut.

Pierre Filliez

Pierre Filliez is a Swiss artist who currently lives in Berlin, Germany, with his family. He is the maker of the "Petit Puzzle". He is also creator of theatre masks, puppets, and performs regularly as an actor and puppeteer.

Personal website:

Pierre Filliez



Please use this email address to contact me.
I speak French, English and German :-)

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